About Santiago Spain Tours

What is special about our Spanish tours?

Sustainable Tourism in Spain

Santiago Spain tours believe in "sustainable tourism", a trip in which you become familiar with the environment in which you are living, providing enough time in the same place so that you can connect to daily life. Enjoying nature activities with Spanish guides and sometimes with Spanish participants enables you to connect with local people.

Special Places

We will reach smaller traditional villages off the beaten track and hike on trails frequented by the local travelers themselves. Santiago Spain will always choose sites for our adventures that celebrate sustainability and respect for the environment.

Multi-Activities Trips

A wonderful mixture of Spanish culture, history, amazing cities and diverse landscapes, with holiday options ranging from a relaxed family holiday, to more challenging activities in Spain’s beautiful natural surroundings, such as hiking, biking, abseiling and water sports.

Small and Personal Groups Tours

In the big cities we will usually distance ourselves from the attractions that are flooded with "mass tourism", preferring the less crowded sites that provide us with an opportunity to really experience the true spirit of the place.

Excellent Holiday Planning

The team at Santiago Spain Tours have far-reaching knowledge of the history and culture of Spain, familiarity with current attractions, and extensive expertise and professionalism in planning and conducting nature and outdoor excursions with an active dimension.

Hassle Free Trip to Spain

Our precise and efficient activity holiday planning will save you from having to deal with the administrative logistics and allow you to focus on the pleasures and fun of the trip itself.

Our Team


Manager, Consultant and Tour Coordinator

Enchanted by the charm of trips in Spain and believes in tourism that is responsible and respectful of the environment, including the flora, fauna, and the inhabitants in every place. After having traveled throughout the Iberian Peninsula extensively on his own for years, he decided to establish Santiago Spain Tours, which facilitates tours at a different pace: cultural experiences combined with hiking or outdoor sporting activities that enable you to form a connection with the special landscapes. A trip with Santiago Spain Tours is intended for those who want to get to know Spain in depth and who want to be part of the movement for responsible and ecological tourism.



Coordinator of Operations and Partnerships in Spain

Born in Venezuela, Alexis decided to leave the South American continent for a course of study and adventure in the world. Her first stop was Australia, where she combined studies, touring and work, thereby becoming deeply familiar with the local way of life and culture. During her remaining time there, she traveled across the diverse continent, encountering the desert, the green mountains and the coastal areas.

Alexis has an education in the social sciences, psychology and culture, and the current station on her journey is Spain, where she continues to familiarize herself with the characteristics of the country, including the residents, daily life, the different culture in every part of the country, the best-known areas for travel, as well as those that are off the beaten track.



Coordinator and Activity Planner

Osnat has traveled extensively throughout Spain, thus gaining extensive experience and in-depth familiarity with both Spanish cities as well natural attractions throughout Spain, including nature reserves, mountains and beaches.

By training and education Osnat is an artist and mentor in the field of artistic education, who decided to turn her hobby and passion for touring into her main occupation.

Osnat assumes responsibility for the organizational aspects of our tours, and designs tourism packages that are compatible with the spirit of Santiago Spain Tours.  Our tours are designed with sustainability in mind, and they strive to maintain a balance between the desire to travel, preservation of the environment and reinforcement of local populations.



Leads conscious movement communities

Teacher and movement researcher, physiotherapist, with years of background in martial arts. Leading the movement method FLOW MOTION. Leader of integrated movement workshops in various styles: dance, developmental movement, natural movement, martial arts, acting, improvisation, teamwork.

Educator for adopting a movement lifestyle, learning relaxation techniques to achieve efficiency, stress reduction and harmony through physical-mental practice.

Yaron directs the activities to the open space to create free movement, the space creates freedom for each and every one to move, dance, play, receive or give touch, explore, get inspiration, practice content and ideas for conscious movement and gives tools and ideas for the lifestyle in the future.

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...Santiago has extensive knowledge of Spain: not just history, geography and culture but also the logistics of everyday life on the go...

Rachel G.

...I would like to thank you in particular for the assistance and support that you gave us in every matter and your response to every request. I'm already thinking about the next trip!...

Ola H.

Spain is wonderful, and we visited all its special sites ... but in addition, the trip itinerary served us superbly. Indeed, it included many more places and activities than we had time to experience...

Barney N.

...I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for us in Spain. We fell in love in Spain and would be very happy to travel with your company again in another part of Spain! Hola!...

Silvia I.K.