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Choose Your Destination in Spain

Choose which area of Spain you wish to travel to. Each area has its own charm, so the choice is yours.

Multi-Activities, Nature and Fun

Hiking or Biking in any of the Spanish regions you choose will take you on winding mountain roads, discovering hidden villages, beautiful hiking trails and nature reserves. Our tours will also take you to historical and cultural sites throughout the Spanish countryside and offer you the opportunity to enjoy fun activities - or more challenging ones, in the mountains or on the beach.

Time to Relax

The trip is designed for a period ranging from seven nights, according to your preference.

Country House Single Center

In the first part of your trip, you will stay in a restored country villa situated in the heart of nature in the Spanish countryside. Some of these properties have the added attraction of a swimming pool in the garden.

The country villa will serve as a convenient base for trips in the adjacent area. At the end of each day you will return to your “home base” for a traditional Spanish family dinner, which you can cook for yourself in the fully equipped kitchen.

You can enjoy the farm house in the countryside and relax in the swimming pool, drive by car to special places, or go on hiking trails with different levels of difficulty to suit your family or group. The trip is tailored to the ages, abilities and preferences of the participants and at the same time, allowing you to experience all that Spain has to offer.

Grand Cities Special Places

In the urban segment of your trip, you will tour the central city in the area that you have chosen, with all its special characteristics and attractions: historical monuments, unique architecture, exhibitions and museums, colourful and vibrant markets, typical restaurants, pedestrian malls and designer shops, panoramic observation points, and more…

You will be staying at a hotel, or in an apartment in the city center, and this will serve as your base for sight-seeing throughout the city.

Your vacation will be relaxed and enjoyable, however the active components and activities in each segment of your trip are what make it unique.

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Take it from our happy customers

...Santiago has extensive knowledge of Spain: not just history, geography and culture but also the logistics of everyday life on the go...

Rachel G.

...I would like to thank you in particular for the assistance and support that you gave us in every matter and your response to every request. I'm already thinking about the next trip!...

Ola H.

Spain is wonderful, and we visited all its special sites ... but in addition, the trip itinerary served us superbly. Indeed, it included many more places and activities than we had time to experience...

Barney N.

...I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for us in Spain. We fell in love in Spain and would be very happy to travel with your company again in another part of Spain! Hola!...

Silvia I.K.