Andalusia: History, Culture and Nature

Andalusía, Granada, Cordoba, Sierra Nevada Gypsy Flamenco, magnificent architecture, exciting outdoor activities

Self-guided Active Culture and Nature Holiday
From € 880 and from 5 nights ex. flights
Minimally challenging

Visit the magnificent cities of the Islamic Caliphate, which later became the cities of the Catholic royalty.

A minimally challenging itinerary with moderate walking and fun outdoor activities.

Discover Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain, which enjoys relatively high temperatures for most of the year. Visit ancient cities ruled by the Muslims for hundreds of years, in which they built magnificent palaces. Observe the diverse styles of architecture from many periods, which reflect a history of coexistence but also of intense conflicts.

Stroll peacefully in the mountain nature reserves, where snowy peaks are accessible throughout the year.

Enjoy a "Slow Tourism" vibe of leisurely travel, with a relaxing holiday that combines nature outings, tours of the ancient rural Spanish countryside and dining at traditional restaurants.

Visit Granada and Cordoba, the cities of the south, where you can visit all the world-famous attractions, as well as explore the less frequented places that are “off the beaten track."

We always make a point of showing you the attractions from interesting and unique vantage points.

Trip Highlights

  • Enjoy your stay at a special villa in the heart of the charming countryside near the city of Granada. This will allow you to experience the everyday life of the locals, do your shopping in the markets and grocery stores, cook at home and chat with your local hosts.
  • Tour the "white villages" of the Sierra Nevada (which are less well known but compete well with those near Ronda) taste some special chocolate, or hike in the mountains surrounding the villages and look down on them from above.
  • In each village, you can visit places that specialize in a unique handicraft products, such as: a shop selling designer clothing items, where you can observe hand weaving on a traditional loom that was popular in this area in the past, or a ceramic workshop offering a wide range of items, including ceramic utensils used in haute cuisine, precious tiles, bowls, sinks and lamps - all of them unique, functional and of high quality.
  • Familiarize yourself with the wine and gastronomy typical of the area by visiting a local ecological winery and enjoying a meal of traditional dishes on a terrace overlooking majestic scenery.
  • Tour Granada, and wander through the districts of the city, which sprawl over three hills. In Alhambra you will learn of Catholic kings and Muslim Caliphs, meet gypsy dancers and an American writer who changed reality...
  • Visit Cordoba, which has its historical roots in the Roman Empire and which reached the height of its acclaim during the Muslim period. Cordoba is a city full of atmosphere, with an ancient quarter, inner courtyards adorned with flowers and magnificent ancient buildings.


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